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Verb If you say that something dehumanizes people, you mean it takes DEHUMANIZE away from them good human qualities such as kindness, generosity, and independence. : It&39;s a totalitarian regime that reduces and dehumanizes its population. When we commit to getting closer, we’re committing to eventually experiencing real, face-to-face conflict. When individuals dehumanize others, they no longer experience distress when they treat them poorly. And like other hazing activities that dehumanize pledges, it&39;s easy for members to sanction suffering in the name of brotherhood.

The use of infestation analogies The majority group must be made to feel like this minority is a threat to their health or safety in some way. WORDS RELATED TO DEHUMANIZE. The years of civil war have dehumanized all of us. DEHUMANIZE Meaning: "deprive of distinctly human qualities," "1802, from de- + humanize. " "She found the cat. de·hu·man·ized, de·hu·man·iz·ing, de·hu·man·iz·es 1.

Dehumanization is a psychological process whereby opponents view each other as less than human and thus not deserving of moral consideration. Quotes tagged as "dehumanize" DEHUMANIZE Showing 1-6 of 6 “Traumatic events destroy the sustaining bonds between individual and community. Moral exclusion is used to explain extreme behaviors like genocide, harsh immigration policies, and eugenics, but it can also happen on a more regular, everyday discriminatory level.

THERE ARE ALWAYS BOUNDARIES. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Adapted from Braving the Wilderness () Chapter Four: People Are Hard to Hate Close Up. SEE SYNONYMS FOR dehumanize ON THESAURUS. Synonyms: animalize, bestialize, brutalize. Dehumanize started in in Louisville, Kentucky as a project between Eli Vincent (Vocals, Drums) and Anthony Leasgang (Guitars, Bass). EVEN IN THE WILDERNESS.

Get the dehumanize neck gaiter and mug. The psychology of racism and discrimination. Torture always dehumanizes both the torturer and his victim. Although dehumanization is most associated with right-wing nationalism, others sometimes use dehumanizing language, too.

Laboring under terrible conditions can dehumanize workers, making them feel more like robots than people. Scrabble Points: 25. What does dehumanize mean? The government&39;s propaganda is meant to dehumanize the enemy. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. English to hindi Dictionary: dehumanize. ’ ‘The endless briefings, whether here or abroad, are mostly by military officers and intelligence analysts whose discourse tends to dehumanise the war. Kingsley refuses to dehumanize himself in order to become historian and philosopher.

Conjugate Dehumanize in every English verb tense including present, past, and future. Find more opposite words at wordhippo. Miserable prison conditions dehumanized. 1 people chose this as the best definition of dehumanize: To take away humanity, to. Dehumanization is the denial of someone&39;s status as "human" or "person", whether by assimilating them to animals or things, especially of the harmful and disgusting sort, for the purpose of thus denying them the rights and the sympathy that come. 16 sentence examples: 1.

War can dehumanize people in a few different ways. See definitions of dehumanize. And we stood there for at least two hours without and clothes and I just felt that it was an attempt to belittle and dehumanize you. In laboratory studies, people who are portrayed as lacking. The stripping of human qualities from people or from situations involving people, as an expediency that allows the policy makers (in a totalitarian state) to justify untenable situations, as the persons of interest are ‘less than human’. Dehumanize: to make (someone) feel or behave more like an animal than a human being.

Definition of dehumanize verb in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. dehumanize (third-person singular simple present dehumanizes, present participle dehumanizing, simple past and past participle dehumanized) To take away humanity; to remove or deny human qualities, characteristics, or attributes; to impersonalize. We dehumanize the universe, but we do not render it the less grand and mysterious. COM verb (used with object), de·hu·man·ized, de·hu·man·iz·ing. Find the right word. What dehumanize means in hindi, dehumanize meaning in Hindi and English, dehumanize ka hindi matlab, dehumanize definition in hindi and English, What is meaning of dehumanize in hindi, know the meaning of dehumanize word from this page in hindi and English. " (deprive sb of humanity) deshumanizar⇒ vtr verbo transitivo: Verbo que requiere de un objeto directo ("bdi/b la verdad", "bencontré/b una moneda"). It&39;s a totalitarian regime that reduces and dehumanizes its population.

See authoritative translations of Dehumanize in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations. Jews in the eyes of Nazis and Tutsis in the eyes of Hutus (in the Rwandan genocide) are but two examples. Not wasting any time, the band released a demo, simply titled DEMO. A practical definition refers to it as the viewing and treatment DEHUMANIZE of other persons as though they lack the mental capacities that are commonly attributed to human beings. was a busy year for the band, as they had three seperate releases. In this definition, every act or thought that regards a person as "less than" human is dehumanization. dehumanize sb, also UK: dehumanise sb vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something. Powered by Oxford Dictionaries.

to deprive of human qualities or attributes; divest of individuality: Conformity dehumanized him. Those who have survived learn that their sense of self, of worth, of humanity, depends upon a feeling of connection with others. =to make the enemy seem less human the dehumanizing nature of torture. Translate Dehumanize. Related: Dehumanized; dehumanizing;. dehumanize | definition: deprive of human qualities | synonyms: demean, degrade, take down, disgrace, put down, dehumanise| antonyms: humanize, honor, flatter, clock.

Less Than Human: Why We Demean, Enslave, and Exterminate Others Shutter Island and The Hurt Locker are reminders that this can only be transformed by deciding to resist violence by refusing to dehumanize anyone. dehumanize - traduction anglais-français. To deprive of human qualities such as individuality, compassion, or civility: slaves who had been dehumanized by their abysmal condition.

Dehumanization is o. Meaning of dehumanize. To deprive of human qualities.

dehumanize somebody to make somebody lose their human qualities such as kindness, pity, etc. Forums pour discuter de dehumanize, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions. ‘In our attempts to dehumanize our enemy we end up becoming less than human ourselves. To dehumanize people is always to demote them in a presupposed natural hierarchy. ; to make people seem like objects rather than human beings the dehumanizing effects of poverty and squalor See dehumanize in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.

dehumanize meaning, definition, what is dehumanize: to treat people so badly that they lose. to remove from a person the special human qualities of independent thought, feeling for other people, etc. dehumanize To dehumanize someone is to make them either feel or appear somehow less than human. Dehumanization is one of eight forms of “moral disengagement” described by. Information and translations of dehumanize in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

c : to remove or reduce human involvement or interaction in (something, such as a process or place) Nurses are also fearful that the use of technology will dehumanize patient care. deprive of positive human qualities: "brutal management methods and fear can dehumanize people". Antonyms for dehumanize include humanise, humanize, clean, elevate, honor, honour, improve, moralise, moralize and praise. Dehumanization is the denial of full humanness in others and the cruelty and suffering that accompanies it.

: to treat (someone) as though he or she is not a human being Inspectors have observed terrible factory conditions that dehumanize workers. Definition of dehumanize in the Definitions.


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